Submission requirements for the scientific papers:

Scientific paper should contain the following elements (highlighted in the text of the paper):

  • general problem statement and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks (Introduction);
  • analysis of recent researches and publications, which laid the foundation for solution of this problem and on which the author relies (Analysis of recent researches and publications);
  • definition of previously unresolved issues that are part of the general problem which the paper is concerned with (Previously unsettled problem constituent);
  • statement of the purpose of the paper (Main purpose of the article);
  • presentation of the main research material with full justification of the scientific results obtained (Results and discussions);
  • conclusions and prospects for further development in mentioned field (Conclusions and further researches directions);
  • list of references, which should contain at least 10 sources (References).

Technical requirements:

  • paper volume – up to 20 pages;
  • page setting: all page margins – 2 cm;
  • sheet format – A4;
  • font parameters: size – 14, font type – Time New Roman;
  • line spacing – 1.5, paragraph indention – 1 cm.
  • If there are tables and (or) pictures in the paper, they should be compact, have a title, text font type – Times New Roman, size 12.