Svetlana Uvarova – PhD, Rector of the International Institute of Depth Psychology (Kiev, Ukraine) – Editor-in-chief

Sergio Benvenuto – President of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Psychoanalysis, I.S.A.P. (Rome, Italy) – deputy editor-in-chief

Victor Mazin – PhD, Head of the Department of Theoretical Psychoanalysis at the East-European Institute of Psychoanalysis (St. Petersburg), Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Practices in the Field of Arts at the Department of Free Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University

Daria Druzhinenko-Silhan – Psy.D., Research Psychologist, Lecturer at the University of Strasbourg and Master’s programme in Psychology of Côte d’Azur University

Cristiana Cimino – MD, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, Associate Member of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society, a member of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Psychoanalysis (ISAP)

Matthew Oyer – Psy.D., Assistant Clinical Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine and Adjunct Supervising Faculty in the clinical psychology doctoral program at City College

Fernando Castrillón – Psy.D., Faculty of the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California (PINC), Professor in the Community Mental Health Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

Hannes Nykänen – Adjunct Professor at Åbo Akademi University and at the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies of Helsinki University

Ed Pluth – PhD, Professor of Philosophy at California State University